What You Can Learn From Apple’s Successful Marketing

Apple has a marketing strategy that continues to drive growing sales throughout the globe. Any company can do the same if they apply these lessons within their marketing strategy, and continue to use these tactics for both new and existing products and services.

Apple’s messaging consistency reinforces the beliefs of your audience; that your brand can always be counted on to deliver what they stand for. Your brand should stand for something, as Apple did regarding high quality production, and innovating technology.

The hardest marketing strategy from Apple is to create and sell an experience, rather than just a product. Experiences are not only memorable but they hook us to what to relive them again and again. Apple excelled at this, from movie-style ads, revolutionizing stores and online shopping experience to the most memorable product launches where Apple’s CEO feel like rock stars, in short, Apple created the marketing of customer experiences through the art of storytelling to generate sensory dimensions to immerse the customer in the feeling the product brings, the excitement.

Regarding communication of their product campaigns and image, Apple spoke the language that their audience used creating deeper bonds which raises customer fidelity.

Always aware of avoiding terms and explanations which usually overwhelm and confuse, Reaching customers at their level gave Apple a closeness and easy to reach in all its customers,

Intrigue was always present during their marketing. Apple was able to develop a mystery around what they were doing and about the general new directions of their products and company. This turns customers into rabid fans and makes them eager to buy whatever comes rather than stopping to think whether they really need the new Apple products. Apple knows how to stir up their audience, while most marketers tell their customers all features of a product, Apple will create excitement by withholding information and getting customers to speculate.

All their marketing appeals to society and to their customers emotions, by reaching out and holding on to their customers through emotions, their ads don’t focus on specs such as size, memory, battery life but on showing happy people having a great time with their iPhones, iPads and iPods, This content is more easily shared with others generating the viral movement achieved by Apple.

Apple never underestimate their budgets in product placement on television, shows and movies,
A key innovation in their marketing was to ask their customers for testimonials and reviews, even in exchange for promotion or free trials.

Albeit Apple pricing their marketing has been successful in focusing on value rather than on competition prices. The value of Apple’s great user experience and extensive cool features and apps accomplishes the trick of whatever Apple is offering, their customers feel like it’s worth paying for it.

Finally, a great advice is to Keep it simple, for many years now the trend has been minimalist and useful design, coming from the utilitarian simple bauhaus school. The marketing must be straightforward, with clear price and features information, but not in excess, never to overwhelm viewers. Apple ads had as much as 10 words since excess of words can’t be memorized. And usually images resonate on an emotional level.

While Steve Jobs wasn’t a marketing professional, Apple truly applied their high quality and excellence in marketing innovation. From the high end luxurious products which made the audience want to belong to the Apple community, to innovative product launching, and direct market action, Apple excelled at marketing and this propelled Apple’s success around the world.

A final word, is that it is ok to start from small, to make mistakes as long as you repair them in a short time and continuing pursuing a better version, and excellence. Steven Jobs was known for this, and for his technology, Design, marketing methods and overall innovation. The company success is rooted in its dynamic, constantly changing marketing and business plans. Remember it started as just any other company small and in Steven’s garage.