8 Reasons to Consider Bringing Your Start-up Idea to Canada

There are plenty of good reasons to consider moving to another country before starting a business. These can range from looking for a change of scenery all the way to seeking better business opportunities and access to better infrastructure. And of all the business-friendly countries in the world, Canada is one of the most attractive options for businesses startups big and small. Here are some of the reasons why Canada can be a great destination for both you and your business.

1 – Space

Canada is the second-largest country after Russia, so apart from built-up areas like cities, there’s loads of space for your home. Canada also has many open spaces and huge parks, meaning that you aren’t ever too far away from nature.

2 – Safety

Canada has one of the lowest crime rates making it a safe country to live in. If you have children, you can feel safe when they are out and about.

3 – Great Education

If you have children, then Canada is one of the best places to educate them. The government spends more per capita on education than any other country. This results in children performing better and on average means that they stay in education for longer.

4 – Healthcare

Healthcare is mostly free to use and is funded by government taxes. Each province has its budget for healthcare and they allocate health cards to those that are eligible.

5 – Happy and Friendly

Canada is rated as one of the happiest countries in the world. This may be due to the excellent healthcare, above average income levels, and the fact that it feels safe to live in Canada. Due to this, you find that on the whole, the people in Canada are really friendly and don’t take themselves too seriously, so you can have a good laugh with them.

6 – Diversity

Canada is a very diverse country, where you’re encouraged to keep your values and traditions of the culture you hold. In Toronto alone, 140 languages are spoken and more than 20% of the people were born abroad.

This means that as an immigrant, it doesn’t matter where in the world you came from, you will be accepted as a friend.

7 – Opportunities

There is a large job market in Canada due to the aging population. More people are reaching retirement age and leaving their jobs. A side effect of this is an increasing demand for workers so businesses are raising their salaries to attract people.

8 – Simplicity

While immigration and moving business between countries — or starting a new business abroad — will always be a logistical nightmare, Canada at least makes this process relatively simple and easy to navigate. As a business owner, you can apply for a Start Up Visa, which will allow you to set up a business and create jobs in the country. And if you’ve arrived in Canada as a student, getting a start-up visa is also a good way to stay in the country after you graduate.

Some requirements need to be met, of course, and the full list of requirements can be seen here. You’ll need, among other things, a qualifying business and enough money to settle. But the process is much simpler than that of other countries, especially if you work alongside an experienced Canada Immigration Consultant. And once you do get your start-up vista, you’ll be able to start your business in Canada without worrying over whether or not immigration issues will throw a wrench into your plans later. It’s much safer than trying to start a company while using a regular work or student visa.