Future City is being built at NUS

Smart City

Geologically, Singapore is a little nation. However, financially, it is a powerhouse — and progressively, it’s an innovative pioneer also, especially as a brilliant city. NUS has been a main impetus behind shrewd city developments, with a few of the foundation’s specialists driving the path on key innovative advances. NUS’ Smart Nation activities are reinforcing […]

Conceptualizing Value Across Diverse Geographies of Economic Practice

The creation, enhancement and capture of value are central processes in contemporary approaches to understanding the global economy, including Global Production Networks, although the theorization of value in such frameworks has been underdeveloped. Parallel to this, but almost entirely separately, the concept of value, and the generation and circulation of surplus,has also underpinned diverse/community economies […]

How blockchain has transformed the gaming industry

The gaming industry is flourishing continuously, as it engages more players every year. From simplistic games, the industry is now presenting interactive Virtual Reality games. Players can find a way of customizing their characters. Modern games reflect real-life dynamics. But, there are game-changing technologies playing a role in the gaming industry. One of them is […]