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HDR Imaging

The picture above is an overlay of two images taken at different exposures, using the open source software enfuse to combine the two images. This procedure results in a picture with higher dynamic range; see HDR Imaging on Wikipedia for more details. The exposure values are chosen dynamically, so as to adapt to different light conditions during the course of the day and changing weather.

A typical sequence of images: 1. high exposure for the buildings 2. low exposure for the sky 3. overlay of the two images

Some special footages
Lightning on the 16th Nov 2010
Short storm on the 11th Dec 2010, 4:22pm, that dismantled a crane on a construction site (on the grey building in the top left corner); unfortunately the crane itself is just outside the visible area. Watch the trees on the top right.
2010 Dec 13: The crane after the storm
2010 Dec 14: Setting up the rescue crane
Fire at Shell’s Pulau Bukom Manufacturing Site, 28th Sep 2011.
Timelaps of construction work in front of my office (updated daily since 1. August 2016)

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