3 Reasons Why You Will Spend Your Saturday at the NUS Community Sports Carnival

Wondering what all the hooha on the NUS Community Sports Carnival is all about? Look no further, for we are about to outline three simple reasons why you should sign up today! That’s right, we’re so confident that we dared to title our blogpost this way *wink*


1. Exclusive opportunity to try the DBS Battle Bay, and more!

The DBS Battle Bay

That’s right, the DBS Battle Bay is coming to NUS, just for our exclusive use. An inflatable obstacle course modelled after Ninja Warrior, the DBS Battle Bay is the ultimate test of brawn and brains – only the toughest make it through. The only other time you can challenge the Battle Bay is during the annual Marina Bay Regatta, and you can bet that it’s a whole lot more chaotic then! The next best time to try it is now, right here on campus.

There will also be two other major sporting categories that day – Splashdown: NUS’ first-ever mass swim for all you water babies out there, and six Learn-to-Play sports for all levels, like table tennis, golf, badminton, and bouldering. Take your pick!

You can sign up in teams of 3 to participate in all of the above, from just $15 per team, i.e $5 per person. On some days, we hazard a guess that even your lunch may cost more than that… And if you have trouble finding like-minded friends to sign up, you can look for new friends here to sign up together!


2. Food Truck Party!

Burgers and fries from Burgernomics

Who said sports had to be just all about roughing it out? Fuel up to press on! Indulge and reward yourself for making it out to the carnival, with one of the many food trucks that will be brought in: Burgernomics, kebabs, and Thai fusion food. It’s a rare opportunity where you get to eat from multiple food trucks without even having to leave campus, so what gives?


3. It’s not just about sports.

Basketball players hard at play in PGPR

Not really into sports, but want to be part of the action anyway? Good news: we have something for everyone! There will be a photo-booth to hang out at with friends (unlimited prints – that’s right!), the Inter-Residence Finale Games to watch in the sports halls, and even a fun tele-match to cheer at. If you’re a resident at PGPR and UTR, you can even participate in this super fun tele-match that will bring you back to basics – ask your block RA quickly for more info.

Sign up for the NUS Community Sports Carnival TODAY in teams of 3, for an all-inclusive price from only $15. You can’t get this price off-campus… Just saying! What are you waiting for? Sign up here: onenus.nus.edu.sg

Don’t miss out, see you on 27 Oct at the University Sports Centre!


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