Perks of Staying on Campus

Moving into a room on campus is often thought of as the ultimate experience of university life; the epitome if you like. It is a common experience, shared amongst many university students worldwide. Right here in NUS, our university provide students with a mind-boggling array of campus accommodations to suit every personality and every need. From halls to residential colleges and student residences, you can take your pick from all 13 options. Read on to find out the perks of staying on campus!

#1 Community

Upon entering university, you may realise that it’s difficult to find and join a community on campus, just by going for classes. Students take different modules every semester and unless you really hit it off with your classmates, it is difficult to keep up with everyone’s schedules and maintain those friendships. Apart from joining a CCA, staying on campus is an effective way to meet people and form a community. Some of these friendships are lifelong!

#2 Convenience

Even with the variety of public transport options, NUS may not be the most accessible place in Singapore – especially if you live on the other side of the island. Staying on campus will definitely shorten your commuting time. As university students, the time spent on commuting will eventually add up and you could have used that time to study, socialize, or just relax.

#3 Independent Living

For many of us, staying on campus can be seen as our first step towards independence. Let’s face it, the transition to adulthood is going to be difficult. But staying on campus will ease that process a little. Living independently will give rise to more responsibilities, like having to do your own laundry, ensuring that you’re maintaining a proper, healthy diet, and even getting enough sleep (without your parents nagging at you to do so)! But campus living accords you a safe space and environment to adapt to these responsibilities in your own time, with a peer-support system of people who are learning, just like you! It’s a quintessential university experience that is invaluable.

#4 Access to Academic Support and Other Services

Living with fellow students means being able to study with fellow students. Studying with friends can also motivate and encourage you, making the process less stressful too – especially through the late nights that are sure to come! You can just visit a next-door neighbour who could be a Statistics whiz, to help you out with tutorials, instead of pulling your hair out at home all by yourself.

NUS also provides many services and facilities to ensure that campus living is a breeze. Staying on campus will allow easier access to the gym, the libraries, and even the multimedia computer labs.

#5 Once-in-a-lifetime Experience

Staying on campus is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. When else will you have the chance again, to live with other university students and experience residential life on campus? Everyone has very different residential life experiences but in the end, we daresay that almost everyone looks back on these memories fondly. Years down the road, you may rehash good times during a gathering with friends whom you lived with, and look back on this period as a golden memory. Residential life adds vibrancy and fun into an otherwise mundane university life, consisting just of lecture after lecture. Through everything, you will most likely find that you’d be glad to have done it, instead of not at all!

NUS Open Day (11 March 2017) is fast approaching. We urge all incoming students to consider staying on campus and reap all the benefits that residential life can offer! It is a truly an experience unlike any other and you won’t regret it. But don’t just take our word for it – come meet us in person on 11 March, and find out what’s in store!


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