Instagrammable Locations in NUS

Hi everyone! It’s been a long break since our last post, but we are now back and ready to go! So let us present… our top 10 Instagrammable locations in NUS!


This list was borne out of defense upon reading this article, which lists the world’s most beautiful universities, but alas! NUS was not listed. The world may not think that NUS is ‘beautiful’, but we believe that once we lift our eyes from our phones and laptops, and take the time to look around, NUS is actually really beautiful, and we were determined to do it justice.


So read on and we’ll show you our top 10 Instagrammable locations in NUS.


#1 Tree top hideout

Location: Yale NUS (East Core)

The greenery around NUS is so impressive! Being amongst these lush and humongous trees just teleports you to a different place.


#2 But mind your step!

Location: Yale NUS Pond

This stone bridge at the Yale NUS pond beckons – perfect for your serene waterfront shot. Although crossing this bridge may be a little scary, it makes for a good Instagram location. Just be careful and avoid slipping through the cracks (we’re speaking from experience!).


#3 The Secret Garden

Location: Yale NUS (Elm College)

Perks about living in a tropical country? An endless assortment of plants everywhere you go! These quirky water plants create an ethereal atmosphere – definitely worth taking a shot!


#4 Follow the yellow brick road?

Location: Rooftop garden at Stephen Riady Centre (SRC)

Rooftop gardens make such amazing use of space. The one atop the SRC is a quiet spot to head to if you ever need to clear your head. It also makes for a good location for photoshoots with friends!


#5 Head in the clouds

Location: Temasek Laboratories (also known as T-Lab), Level 7

If you ever want an (almost) aerial view of NUS, T-Lab is the place to go! The Kent Ridge landscape is definitely one to be marveled at. You might even be able to catch the sunset here!



Location: Outside University Cultural Centre (UCC)

That’s right – let it be known that you were here, at Singapore’s most beautiful campus! Giant block letters – what a way to proclaim your time here at NUS.


#7 It’s spring!

Location: Outside University Cultural Centre (UCC)

If you’ve ever been to a performance at UCC, you should have passed this wall. How apt is this quote! We urge you to go to the garden (read: NUS) and explore all of its beauty. You will definitely be pleasantly surprised.


#8 I am a cultured and sophisticated human

Location: Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum (LCKNHM)

If you’ve been to the LCKNHM, this colourful wall is no stranger. It is the perfect place for a jump shot and it will definitely add some life and literal colour into your Instagram feed. Side note: everyone should definitely visit the LCKNHM before graduation! Get on it if you haven’t!


#9 An architectural feat!

Location: Outside Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum (LKCNHM)

We think this building looks like a dinosaur egg from faraway! …Maybe just us. Up close, the seamless mash of concrete and greenery makes for a picturesque backdrop. It is certainly one of NUS’s most outstanding architectural feats!


#10 Geometry?

Location: Outside Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum (LCKNHM)

Playing with shapes and lines makes for a fun and unique Instagram feed! This seemingly plain wall speaks with much volume with its odd shaped glass windows. Perhaps an interesting place for some #ootd shots.


We hope that this list of Instagrammable locations has given you inspiration and many reasons (at least 10 reasons now) to go around NUS and admire our beautiful campus! So what are you waiting for?


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