Best supper places around NUS for all the hungry insomniacs

Being an NUS resident and partaking in 101 exciting residential activities WHILE ensuring that you do not fall behind in class means working pretty late into the night and risk waking up your neighbors with those rumbling, growling stomachs at the odd hour of 3am. Now, McDonald’s delivery will always be there for you but we’re just saying there are a lot more exciting options right around NUS that are more than just soggy fries and sodium-filled burgers. Here are our list of supper places that are bound to satisfy when the hunger monster strikes.

1) Al Amaan Restaurant

A popular all-time favorite supper spot among NUS night owls goes to none other than Amaan. It is not rare to drop by at wee hours and still see groups and groups of NUS students eating and chatting away. With an extensive menu ranging from Indian, Western to Thai dishes, there is sure to be something for all of us! The famed Avocado Milkshake ($3) live up to its name: creamy, smooth and not too sweet. Cheese fries ($4) while being a tad bid greasy screams comfort food and the portion is definitely for sharing. Butter chicken, naan and fried rice are among the top choices too. They do offer delivery service for orders above $10 so gather your friends and pool your orders to have warm, delicious food delivered to your (residence’s) door steps.


Address: 12 Clementi Road, S129742

Opening hours: 11am – 3am, Monday to Sunday.


2) Niqqi’s The Cheese Prata Shop

Who can possibly say no to cheesy, buttery, crispy prata or a plate of hearty Maggie Goreng? For when the craving hits hard at night, fret not, Niqqi’s prata shop is open 24/7! We agree with several online reviews that the quality of the food is only mediocre at best as the egg and cheese prata ($3.70) could have been crispier and the curry less diluted. The tissue chocolate prata ($4), however, proves to be the table’s favorite (not to mention head-turning) with its light and fluffy texture that also lessens the guilt. Come with an open mind and less expectations and you’ll leave feeling satisfied!


Address: 18 Clementi Road, S129747

Opening hours: 24/7


3) Fei Fei Wan Tan Mee

Nothing’s like a warm, comforting bowl of hot, slurp-worthy and QQ wanton noodles to perk up when you struggle to finish that essay or when all the models start to look like one another. The bestseller wanton mee ($4, small) is relatively decent with a generous portion of noodle. It would have been better with more “liao” (ingredients other than the noodle) but we take what we can after midnight, am I right? The menu also boasts of a good number of finger food like fried meatballs, braised chicken feet and fried drumsticks that are good for sharing.


Address: 18 Clementi Road, S129747 (sharing the space with Niqqi’s)

Opening hours: 24/7


4) Fong Seng Nasi Lemak

Fong Seng serves up delectable plates of Nasi Lemak for all the hungry souls looking for something fail-proof. Also what beats being able to customize what goes on your plate? Pile up all those yummy fried items, they don’t judge!  The selection is pretty extensive and you may have a hard time narrowing down the final candidates: fish luncheon, chicken patty, hashbrown, etc to name a few. The rice has a light coconut fragrance while the chili is on the sweet side, yet still has a good kick to it.

4                                                                                         (Photo credit: Jason L)

Address: 22 Clementi Road, S129751

Opening hours: 6am – 4am, Monday to Sunday


5) Super Snacks

A “household” brand name among our PGP residents is the trusted Super Snack. Rain or shine, Super Snack still welcomes you with open arms, cheerful chatters and simple, yummy food. Choose from the lighter options like Garden Salad ($3) or Chicken Salad ($4), finger food like Cheese Fries or Chicken Nuggets to heartier options like fried rice (menu changes daily). Our heart, however, lies with the waffles. Happiness is really as simple as holding a freshly-made, hot and crispy waffle with gooey peanut butter in the center and for just a moment, all our troubles seem so far away!

5                                                                                                                   (Photo credit: Nguyen Ha)

Address: Prince George’s Park Residence

Opening hours: 7pm – 1am, Monday to Sunday


6) Respective Halls’ supper

Sometimes you do not have to search high and low for food, sometimes food is really just around the corner. You no longer need to leave the campus and can just enjoy piping hot fried rice, rosti or pancake right in the comfort of your room. Currently, almost all halls offer their own supper service so do find out from your seniors their operating hours and grab your friends to join the supper party! Here we manage to get a glimpse of Sheares Hall supper offerings with drool-worthy fried rice, pancake and pasta that give are bound to give you that midnight fuel you need to push through yet another tough week.

6(Photo credit: Andrea Lok)


7) UTown Starbucks

If all else fails, you know you can always fall back on Starbucks. This one truly needs no more introduction but if we may, it is highly recommended that you go for a steaming hot latte with Rasberry White Chocolate Cheesecake for that much needed caffeine and sugar fix or you can always go down the savory path with the tried-and-tested Deep Dish Beef Pie!


Address: 8 College Avenue West #B1-01

Opening hours: 24 hours


So those are our list of supper places around NUS. Which one is your favorite and do you have any other hidden spots you want to share with us? Comment away!

Huong Vu

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