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Screencast teaching videos is the most basic approach to online teaching. Recorded lectures are asynchronous, i.e. there is no live interaction among students and the teacher. These videos are usually recordings that combine computer screen, web camera footage and audio narration. Ideally these need to broken up into shorter 5-10 minute segments of video.  Lectures can be self-recorded with any of the following:

  • Panopto  [ Video Tutorials | Guide ]
    Record and upload screencasts directly within LumiNUS
  • Camtasia Studio [Video tutorials | Download ]
    Record screencasts and upload to Mulirmedia within LumiNUS
  • Microsoft Stream [ Guide ]
    Create 15 minute screen recordings. The videos are available from > My Content > Videos
  • Screencast-O-Matic [ Download ]
    a free browser-based screen recorder that allows recording videos of up to 15 minutes long.

In addition to uploading the recorded lectures, you may also post presentation slides and PDFs on a class website, for example on LumiNUS., i.e., posting recordings on the LumiNUS module Learning Flow and Web Lectures tools. Uploaded slides and notes as well as recordings can then be made available to students on a weekly basis. If students have questions they email the teacher or post questions using Discussion Forums on LumiNUS.



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