Support InteractionCheck ConceptsCheck student readiness

Use short multiple-choice quizzes or short answer questions to check if students on students’ prior knowledge and readiness on topics that you plan to cover. The type of questions that you can use include:

  • Recall Questions: These questions ask students to recall facts, concepts, or techniques relevant to class. They are often used to see if students did the reading, remember important points from prior classes, or have memorized key facts. They rarely generate discussion, however, and don’t require higher-order thinking skills.
  • Conceptual Understanding Questions: These questions go beyond recall and assess students’ understanding of important concepts. Answer choices to these questions are often based on common student misconceptions, and so these questions work well to help instructors identify and address their students’ misconceptions. Questions asking students to classify examples, match characteristics with concepts, select the best explanation for a concept, or translate among different ways of representing an idea are examples of conceptual understanding questions.


Classroom response systems, Derek Bruff, Vanderbilt University