Conduct AssessmentAssess Student LearningAssess online interaction

LumiNUS Forum, NUS blogs and NUS wikis facilitate asynchronous interaction. You can use these tools to monitor student learning via their contributions to online forums, chats, blogs and wikis. These contributions can be in the form of reading summaries, collaborative learning where students work in small groups to provide critical peer review on each other’s work.

Here are some examples for assessing online interaction:

  • Weekly discussion questions: Weekly class participation in the form of responding to a weekly discussion topic or question can be used for assessing online interaction. Students read the discussion question of the week and make short reflective posts, and respond to each other’s posts.
  • Peer review: Students post their work to NUS blog or LumiNUS forum to get comments and feedback from peers or blog readers.  This allows students to evaluate each other’s ideas as an important part of the learning process. When using blogs, there is an added advantage of getting feedback from experts outside of the class.
  • Topical discussions: Students are required to post twice or thrice to discussions that focus on specific topics or content. These posts can be useful in summarising specific topic or content. These activities can be done say after mid-term assignment or an exam.
  • Student-generated discussions: Give students the opportunity to generate topics or questions for discussion. For large classes, students can be divided into groups and each group can propose a topic for the week and also facilitate the discussion for that week. Students can be assessed on the quality of topics/questions as well as their facilitation.
  • Getting students to submit assessment questions: You can get students to create and submit assessment questions online for each topic or course. Get students submit their assessment questions on the forum, and conversations with peers and instructors on the strength and weakness of the assessment question via the forum.