Roots & Wings 2.0 | Roots & Wings 2.0 Module System

The R&W 2.0 Module System

In Roots & Wings 2.0, an important soft skill will be offered through a 1-MC module.

A typical module comprises three 3-hour sessions. Sessions will typically be activity-based, with an emphasis on experiential learning.

Modules are typically run in classes of 25, with each class meeting for three sessions across the first or second half of an academic semester. Thus, in a semester, there will be multiple groups taking the same module at different times. For instance, one class in the first half of the semester might meet at the same timeslot (Mon 10am to 1pm) for Weeks 1, 3, and 5, while another class in the second half of the semester might meet at the same timeslot but on Weeks 8, 10, and Week 12.

There is no prerequisite or preclusion for enrolling a module. Upon satisfactory completion of a module, students will receive 1 MC which can be counted towards the Unrestricted Elective (UE) portion of their graduation requirements. Students can accumulate up to 8 MC in the UE space by taking different modules from Roots & Wings 2.0.

Assessment for a module will typically comprise active participation (around 75%) and written reflection (around 25%). Modules are graded on a CS/CU (Completed Satisfactorily/Completed Unsatisfactorily) basis. Attendance at all sessions is compulsory. Doing a make up for an absence is possible if there is a valid reason (e.g., medical leave, death in family, representing NUS for events) together with supporting documents.

For AY 2018/19, one module (PLS8001 Cultivating Collaboration) will be offered in Semester 1 and two modules (PLS8001 Cultivating Collaboration and PLS8003 Cultivating Resilience) will be offered in Semester 2.

Photo by A/P Melvin Yap

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