Area Journal Club on “Social Robotics” led by Dr. Bahia Guellai | 21 Feb 2023, 4pm

Area Journal Club

Topic: Social Robotics

21 February 2023 (Tuesday), 4pm


Led by: Dr. Bahia Guellai

Bahia is a Professor in Developmental Psychology at the University of University of Toulouse – Jean Jaurès in the Cognition, Languages, Language, Ergonomics Laboratory. Her work involves investigating social, cognitive and emotional processing in human-robot interactions in children and adults, and she is currently a co-investigator on the CNRS@CREATE DesCartes grant looking at the ethics of autonomy and care in smart cities and machines.



Research in social robotics has a different emphasis from research in robotics for factory, military, hospital, home (vacuuming), aerial (drone), space, and undersea applications. A social robot is one whose purpose is to serve a person in a caring interaction rather than to perform a mechanical task. Both because of its newness and because of its narrower psychological rather than technological emphasis, research in social robotics tends currently to be concentrated in a single journal and single annual conference. This review categorizes such a research into three areas: (1) Affect, Personality and Adaptation; (2) Sensing and Control for Action; and (3 Assistance to the Elderly and Handicapped. Current application is primarily for children’s toys and devices to comfort the elderly and handicapped, as detailed in Section ‘Toys and the market for social robots in general’.


Sheridan, T. B. (2020). A review of recent research in social robotics. Current Opinion in Psychology36, 7–12.

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