Brown Bag Talk by Dr. Loh Kep Kee on “Bridging brains across individuals and species using cortical folding patterns” | 20 Sep 2022, 4pm

Dr. Loh Kep Kee

Bridging brains across individuals and species using cortical folding patterns

20 September 2022 (Tuesday), 4pm



Brains differ substantially from one individual to another, and even more so across species. This variability makes it challenging to establish reliable structure-function relationships in different brains. In this talk, I will speak about how cortical folding patterns can provide a meaningful way to bridge brains across individuals and species. First, I will discuss my doctoral research where we revealed robust relationships between cortical folds and functional brain activations in the frontal cortex. Next, I will discuss a novel computational method developed during my postdoctoral research that allows the mapping of cortical surfaces across individuals and different primate species on the basis of cortical folding patterns.


I am an NUS Overseas Postdoctoral Fellow based at the Montréal Neurological Institute and the University of Oxford. I am interested in what makes the human brain special compared to other primates. To answer this question, I study the anatomical organization of brains across humans and various primate species to reveal the ways they are similar, and different from one another. I employ a combination of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and histological approaches in my research. I believe that a multimodal approach is crucial in providing an integrative and holistic view of what sets our brains apart from other primates.

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