Incoming graduate student awarded Dean’s PhD Fellowship and President’s Graduate Fellowship (PGF)

Congratulations to Ms Nadyanna Binte Mohamed Majeed on being awarded the Dean’s PhD Fellowship and the President’s Graduate Fellowship (PGF)!

The Dean’s Fellowship provides top incoming PhD candidates with an additional year of funding to facilitate their academic growth, and no more than three Fellowships are given each year across the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. The PGF is awarded to applicants who “show exceptional promise or accomplishment in research.”

Ms Majeed will be working with Professor Mike Cheung on novel advances in Structural Equation Modelling. We look forward to her participation in the department’s intellectual activities and contributions from August 2023 onwards!

Below, she shares with us her research interests and thoughts about joining NUS Psychology.

1. What are your research interests?

I’m interested in quantitative psychology, specifically in statistical methods related to meta-analyses and multilevel modelling. I think these two methods—especially meta-analysis—are extremely important in contributing to our understanding of things as a whole, as these methods can help to aggregate data across different studies or samples so that we have a more holistic and complete picture of what’s going on that we may miss from individual experiments or studies.

2. Why did you decide to pursue these research interests at NUS Psychology?

NUS is unique in Singapore for having extremely strong expertise in quantitative psychology, so it was an obvious choice! 🙂 I’m also appreciative of the resources and support that I’ve received so far from various people at NUS even before starting my first semester.

3. Anything else that you are looking forward to in your journey as a PhD student at NUS Psychology?

Moving to a new school, I’m looking forward to meeting new people both within and outside of the department. I’m excited to exchange ideas with other people and learn from them, and to see what I can contribute as well.

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