Brown bag talk by Dr. Ding Xiao Pan on “Children’s lying behaviour: From emergence to differentiation”

Speaker: Dr. Ding Xiao Pan 

Title: Children’s lying behavior: From emergence to differentiation

Date: Friday 7 April, 1-2 pm 

Venue: AS4/02-08 (Psychology Department Meeting Room) 


Lying is common but complex issue in children. Children begin to tell lies in the preschool years for different purpose, and their tendency to lie changes with age. In the talk, I will first talk about the emergence of children’s lying behavior, different types of lies and their cultural differences. I will highlight the roles of children’s understanding of mental states and social conventions in the development of children’s lying behavior. In addition, I will propose a study that investigates the Singaporean children’s lying behavior and conception.


 Dr Ding Xiao Pan is an assistant professor in Department of Psychology at NUS. Her research interest is children’s moral and cognitive behavior, especially about children’s honest and dishonest behavior.

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