Talk by Rongjun Yu on “Saliency-based decision making”


Speaker: Dr. Rongjun Yu

Title:  Saliency-based decision making

Date: Friday 28 October, 1-2 pm 

Venue: AS4/02-08 (Psychology Department Meeting Room) 


Many social and economic decisions we make in real-life situations, such as buying a car, require visually identifying numerous alternatives and then evaluating these options. Traditional theories of rational choice argue that the same option will be evaluated in the same way and lead to identical decisions, regardless of how the stimulus is visually presented. Our recent findings suggest that the saliency of information, though irrelevant to the task, can influence the subjective evaluation of social stimuli and subsequent decision making, possibly by changing the weights put onto decision dimensions.

About the Speaker:

 Dr. Rongjun Yu is assistant professor of psychology at NUS. His research interests lie in understanding the psychological and neural mechanisms underlying economic and social decision making.

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