Research by Clinical Masters student Ms. Ho Shi Yun, Dr. Eddie Tong, and Dr. Jia Lile cited in Harvard Business Review

A forthcoming paper by our Clinical Masters student Ms. Ho Shi Yun (first author), Dr. Eddie Tong (corresponding author), and Dr. Jia Lile has been cited in a recent Harvard Business Review article, “The connection between pride and persistence”:

Tong and his team noted that participants demonstrated the usual human tendency to overvalue immediate gains. However, when they asked participants to recall a time when they felt proud about specific accomplishments, the pattern changed. Those who were feeling pride placed significantly greater value on future gains meaning that they were significantly more willing to accept costs in the moment in the service of greater rewards down the line.


Ho, S-Y., Tong, E. M. W., & Jia, L. (in press). Authentic and hubristic pride: Differential effects on delay of gratification. Emotion.

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