Research Assistant for Book Project (A History of the NUS Psychology Program 1986-2016)

A/P John Elliott is recruiting a research assistant to help out with the writing of a book on the history of the NUS Psychology Department. The duties are laid out below.

If you are interested or would like more information, please write to A/P Elliott (

  1. To assist the author with locating, compiling and preparing materials for a book recounting the history of psychology in Singapore and specifically recording 30 years of the psychology degree programme in NUS, using university records as appropriate and where available. All materials to cover the time from the inception of the programme in 1986 unless otherwise stipulated. Some information from the immediately preceding years, when the programme was being planned will also be included.
  2. To assist setting up and maintaining such materials in a comprehensive database usable not only for this project but for future similar projects and potentially to serve as a model or template for how this kind of project might be managed.
  3. To assist the author with incidental editorial work on the manuscript, such as indexing, layout planning, captioning and any other incidental matter not catered for by the arrangement with any proposed publisher (likely to be the National University Press, with possibility of an ePress arrangement to ensure an ongoing open-access presence that will allow for updating).


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