Brown Bag Talk by Mr. Alexander Yuen on 10 April


Speaker: Mr. Alexander Yuen

Title: Profiles of Amazement

Date: Friday April 10, 1-2pm

Venue: AS4/02-08 (Psychology Department Meeting Room)


The feeling of amazement is an experience we have all felt at some points of our lives. Amazement can occur in a variety of situations ranging from a simple discovery that the mimosa plant closes when touched to something complex like comprehending how a heavy object like the aircraft can stay in the air. However, what exactly is amazement and how is it different from related states like awe, surprise, confusion and amusement? The talk will discuss a study that examined the experience of amazement where participants recalled events pertaining to amazement (and other states) and rated along several appraisal dimensions, this study identified various core appraisal dimensions specific to amazement and established them to be different from its related states.

About the Speaker:

Alexander Yuen is a Master Degree candidate working on his dissertation with Dr Eddie Tong. With his background as a corporate magician, he draws anecdotal inspirations from his performances toward the current research that pertains to the experience of amazement.

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