Brown Bag Talk by A/P Gabriel Tan on 19 March

Speaker: A/P Gabriel Tan

Title: Hypnosis in the Management of Pain

Date: 19 March 2014, 12pm

Venue: AS4/02-08 (Psychology Department Meeting Room)


In this talk, I will first present video clips to demonstrate the use of hypnosis in acute/procedural pain and oral surgery. Then I will briefly discuss the following topics: pain management is brain management; acute vs chronic pain; how acute pain becomes chronic pain (neurobiology); MRI evidence. A parallel theme will also include the following topics: the definition of hypnosis, neural basis of hypnosis; efficacy of hypnosis; and how hypnosis is being used to manage pain. The seminar will conclude with presentation of my own research on hypnosis

About the Speaker:

Gabriel is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology and the Director of Clinical Psychology Program, National University of Singapore. Before coming to NUS, he was an Associate Professor at the Department of Anesthesiology, Psychiatry and Behavioral Science, and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Baylor College of Medicine. Besides being a university professor, Gabriel also has over 35 years of professional experience as clinician researcher, teacher and consultant.

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