Brown Bag Talk by Mr. Ivan Lee on 5 March

Speaker: Mr. Ivan Lee Tian Guang

Title: Assessing the combined effects of alcohol and sleep loss on cognition and simulated driving performance

Date: 5 March 2014, 12pm

Venue: AS4/02-08 (Psychology Department Meeting Room)


Both sleep loss and alcohol consumption have been shown to impair driving ability and cognitive performance. It has been suggested that when sleep loss is combined with drinking, performance deficits are much greater than in either factor considered alone. Given that alcohol consumption and partial sleep deprivation are commonly combined, especially in younger drivers, it is important to investigate these effects of behavior on the risk for driving lapses and attentional failure.

This study is the first to systematically examine the interaction of alcohol and sleep loss on driving performance, cognition, and fatigue, using an alcohol clamp, a unique and reliable method in maintaining one at a constant blood alcohol level across an extended period of time.

About the Speaker:

Ivan is a M.Soc.Sci (Psychology) student at the National University of Singapore (NUS), and a research assistant in the Chronobiology and Sleep Laboratory (CSL) in Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, Singapore. His main research interests are in the effects of sleep loss on cognitive and behavioral abilities, as well as in physiologic outcomes of sleep deprivation and fatigue risk management. Understandably, he loves and appreciates sleep a lot.

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