Brown Bag Talk by A/P Mike Cheung on 4 September


Speaker: A/P Mike Cheung

Title: An Introduction to Missing Data Analysis

Date: 4th September 2013 (Wednesday), 12pm-1pm

Venue: AS4/02-08 (Psychology Department Meeting Room)


It is common to observe missing data even if the design and the collection of data have been carefully conducted. The presence of missing data is the rule rather than the exception. Conventional approaches, such as list wise deletion and single imputation, may lead to biased results. In this talk, I will introduce the modern approaches (full information maximum likelihood and multiple imputation) to handle missing data. Several examples in R will be used to illustrate the procedures.

About the speaker:

Mike’s research area is quantitative methods. He is interested in structural equation modeling, meta-analysis and multilevel modeling. Currently, Mike is working on the topic of integrating meta-analysis into the SEM framework. For more information about Mike’s research, please refer to

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