Dr. Stephen Lim wins university-level Annual Teaching Excellence Award!










Dr. Lim Wee Hun Stephen has done our Faculty and Department proud again, having just won the 2012 university-level Annual Teaching Excellence Award. This award is given by the University to recognize faculty members who have demonstrated an exceptional level of commitment to, and achievement of, good teaching.

Here’s a short excerpt of our Faculty Teaching Excellence Committee’s citation on Dr. Lim’s pedagogical accomplishments:

Dr Stephen Lim has been teaching for only a year but has already shown himself to be an exceptional teacher. His achievements are all the more impressive considering that this was the first time that Dr Lim had been put in charge of teaching an entire module (or rather, five entire modules). Dr Lim started several innovative programmes to motivate his students. For instance, he instituted the “Stephen Lim Innovative Idea Prize” in his classes to encourage critical thinking and the “Stephen Lim Commendation” to encourage strong research. Dr Lim excels in research supervision. He works with his students on various research projects practically round the clock. The research projects that his students engaged in have produced novel findings, and some of these projects have won international research prizes and awards. His teaching philosophy has proven to be highly impactful. As one of his students commented, “[Prof Stephen] is one of those teachers I would really call life changing.”

Our congratulations to Dr. Lim!


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