Talk by Derek Isaacowitz on 23 Aug 2011 (1700 hrs) on “From Looking to Feeling and Doing: The View from the Study of Aging”


Date: 23.08.2011 (Tuesday)

Time: 17:00

Venue: Seminar Room B, AS7-01-17

Speaker: Derek Isaacowitz (Brandeis University)

Title: From Looking to Feeling and Doing: The View from the Study of Aging

How do our looking patterns toward emotional stimuli influence how we feel? In this talk, I will present evidence from eye tracking research suggesting that there may be differences between younger and older adults not only in gaze towards emotional stimuli, but also in how looking patterns relate to downstream mood outcomes. I will also consider whether older adults suffer negative behavioral outcomes as a result of their attempts to regulate their emotions, and will address the broader conceptual implications of these findings for the study of lifespan development and emotion.

About the speaker:
Associate Professor Derek Isaacowitz works in the Psychology Department at Brandeis University and studies age-related changes in emotion. Among others, he serves as Associate Editor of the journal Emotion.

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