Talk on 15 March (4pm, AS4/02-06) by Dr. Kayo Sakamoto

There will be a departmental talk next Tuesday on 15 Mar (4pm) by Dr. Kayo Sakamoto. More details are appended below. This talk will be held in AS4/02-06 (please note the change in venue). For more information on talks, please visit the departmental blog at

Title: Inductive Reasoning Model with corpus data – in relation with concept, context, and situation –

PLSI (Probabilistic Latent Semantic Indexing) analysis can reveal various aspects of our semantic knowledge when applied to syntactic dependency data from text corpora. Through modeling inductive reasoning process with the results from PLSI, my research shows: 1) PLSI can estimate concepts that underlie inductive reasoning; 2) the structure of the concepts estimated from PLSI can explain a context effect on inductive reasoning; and 3) the inductive reasoning model with the concepts estimated from PLSI can reveal the situation-personality interaction in inductive reasoning.

Speaker’s Profile:
Kayo Sakamoto is a research engineer in Institute of High Performance Computing, Singapore Agency for Science, Technology, and Research(A*STAR). She completed her PhD at the Tokyo Institute of Technology where she developed computational models of human inductive reasoning about natural language concepts. Her methodology involves techniques in computational linguistics, machine learning, and psychological experiments. Currently, she works on a project, Deception as Social Strategy at her institute that reveals the process of deception generation from the viewpoint of strategy selection. In relation with the project, her interests range across pragmatics, decision theories, personality theories, and other kinds of social psychology.

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