University Town Opens

It is almost surreal to witness UTown springing to life. From ideas and concepts to plans on paper; from architectural drawings to the piling and construction; from a hole in a ground, to a delightful town; it has been quite some years. 

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 There is something in UTown for every NUS student. Those wishing to hit their books can retreat to the many quiet and conducive study areas for some peace, solitude and focus. Friends or project mates can gather for pow-wow sessions at the discussion areas that are freely accessible and equipped with handy boards and markers. The Town Green lawns are proving to be popular grounds for rest and relaxation; the Learning Café is lively even during the weekends and into the wee hours of the night.  The pilot residential college programmes have taken off this semester at Cinnamon and Tembusu Colleges, and we are keenly watching how students take to the immersive educational model of living and learning. I will be sharing my thoughts on residential living for undergraduates in a later post.

Town Green by day 

There are admittedly teething issues with UTown, such as the frequency of internal shuttle services and leakages at various locations and we had sought to resolve them expeditiously. More water dispensers will also be installed. We seek your patience, and I can assure you that the relevant University Offices have been working tirelessly to iron out the problems encountered. We’ve also been reading through twitter posts on UTown. After the first couple of weeks, the tweets are generally very positive. It’s heartening to hear how students are beginning to discover and develop an affinity for UTown.

UTown is for the NUS community; do make the best of it. I think UTown has become a definitive feature of the campus, and I hope it will add to fond memories of your life at the NUS. Do share your thoughts on UTown.


  1. Hi Prof,

    The YNC team just visited the Yale New Haven campus, where there are many cosy corners, lounges, dining halls, study rooms and seminar rooms where faculty and students mingle after classes.

    There are informal teas where successful Yale alumni came back to share their work experience with current students. Yale students get many internship opportunities in companies managed by Yale alumni.

    There are also many volunteer activities with Yale affliates in China, Vietnam, Africa, India and Cambodia for Yale students to sign up during their vacation.

    These contribute to a well-rounded campus experience for every Yale student, which I am sure they will remember for life.

    1. Many thanks for your comments, Kathleen. We intend to organise some of those events which you had mentioned.

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