I’m Irsyad and I am currently a third year Geography student in NUS. As an avid hiker and an outdoor enthusiast, I have been to several national parks and nature reserves around the globe, and have always found comfort being in the presence of nature. However, an incident in Kashmir, India, left me horrified – when I witnessed a considerable amount of pollution in the form of trash, in the campsites. That experience left a profound impression on me, and played a part in my decision to write a blog about pollution issues in national parks and nature reserves (Well, besides the fact that I am also doing this for GE3246, what a coincidence :P).

 Enjoying the view of the magnificent Kashmir Valley

Therefore, through this blog, I aim to raise more awareness about the different pollution issues that occur in national parks and nature reserves around the world, and perhaps propose certain solutions to tackle them. The wonder of nature must be preserved for generations to come, so let’s all do what we can to Protect Our Parks!