What is Protective or Safety Footwear

Protective footwear also generally known as safety footwear is part of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) worn to protect your feet from multiple hazards at work i.e. impact, compression, puncture, electric shock etc. There are guidelines for safety footwear as part of occupational health and safety standards.

What is considered as Safety Footwear

Safety footwear generally has protective toe caps made of either steel, composite or aluminum material. These kind of safety boots are generally know as steel toe or composite toe boots. Having toe caps in the boots is just a minimal for a safety shoe since there are many other hazards at the workplace. To address that, there are many safety standards and guidelines for foot protection in different working environment.

Global Standards and Guidelines for Safety Footwear


American Society for Testing and Materials a reputable source of technical standards for various systems, services, materials, products etc. In U.S  OSHA has regulations for safety footwear and safety boots are tested according to ASTM F2412-11 & F2413-11 standard.

CSA-Z195-02 Protective Footwear

This is a National Standard of Canada. It sets the safety guidelines and standards for work boots.

EN ISO 20345:2004

The European standard for safety footwaer.

Singapore Standard SS 513:2005 (ISO 20345:2004)

Singapore standard that details the requirements and also testing methods for safety footwear.