Victor Shim is an Emeritus Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Since 2022, he has also been appointed a Professor in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics at Ningbo University. His research interests include dynamic material behaviour, cellular and 3D-printed materials, penetration of high-strength fabrics, and response of components and products to shock loads. He established the Impact Mechanics Laboratory at NUS and is an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Impact Engineering.

A Singaporean, he went to the University of Auckland to pursue his Bachelor’s degree, supported by a scholarship from the New Zealand government. Upon completion, he returned to Singapore to fulfil three years of military service and served as an officer in the artillery. Thereafter, he was appointed an academic tutor at NUS, and concurrently undertook research in sheet-metal forming for his Master’s degree. He then proceeded to Cambridge University on an NUS scholarship and did his PhD in Impact Mechanics, and returned to a faculty position at NUS. He has been a Visiting Scientist at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, a Visiting Scholar at UC San Diego, and a Visiting Professor at Hiroshima University. He is a registered Professional Engineer and a Senior Member of the Institution of Engineers, Singapore. He has received numerous awards for Teaching Excellence and Innovative Teaching, has been conferred a Singapore National Day Public Administration Medal (Silver). He has also served in various university senior management appointments, such as Senior Advisor and Associate Vice-President for Global Relations, Director of the Office of Corporate Relations, and as a Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, as well as a Deputy Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He is currently an Independent Non-executive Director of VICOM Ltd, a publicly listed company that provides mechanical and vehicle testing services.

Current Appointments

Emeritus Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, NUS
Professor, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics, Ningbo University
Associate Editor, International Journal of Impact Engineering
Editorial Board Member, Defence Technology
Independent Non-executive Director, VICOM Ltd

Contact Information

Department of Mechanical Engineering
National University of Singapore
9 Engineering Drive 1, Singapore 117575
Tel: (+65) 6516-2228

Academic/Professional Qualifications/Membership

• PhD, University of Cambridge, UK
• Master of Engineering, National University of Singapore
• Bachelor of Engineering (First Class Honours), University of Auckland, New Zealand
• PEng, Singapore Professional Engineers Board
• Senior Member, IES (Institution of Engineers, Singapore)


• Commonwealth Colombo Plan Scholar, Auckland University (1973-76)
• Mechanical Engineer, Auckland, New Zealand (1976-77)
• Military Service, Singapore Armed Forces (Officer Training; Artillery Officer,1977-80)
• Tutor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, NUS (1980-82)
• Overseas Research Scholar, University of Cambridge, (1982-86)
• Academic Faculty, Department of Mechanical Engineering, NUS (1986-2022)
• Professor, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics, Ningbo University (Apr 2022-present)
• Visiting Scientist (JSPS-sponsored), Tokyo Institute of Technology (Oct 1989)
• Visiting Scholar, University of California, San Diego (1996-97)
• Visiting Professor, Hiroshima University (Nov 2022)

Research Interests

• Impact Mechanics and Dynamic Stress Analysis
• Dynamic Behaviour of Materials (metallic/polymeric/nanocomposite)
• Mechanics of Cellular and 3D-printed Materials
• Ballistic penetration of high-strength fabric
• Response of products and components to impact

Established the Impact Mechanics Laboratory at NUS in 1991. The Lab has facilities for high speed mechanical/materials testing, such as drop testers, gas guns, Hopkinson/Kolsky bars, temperature chambers, high-speed optical and infra-red cameras, microscopes, dynamic force, acceleration and velocity sensors with accompanying signal conditioning and high-speed digital data storage equipment. Computer workstations with finite-element software enable numerical and simulation work. The laboratory facilitates fundamental and applied research, as well as collaboration with and services to industry.

Major Management / Administrative Responsibilities

• Senior Advisor, NUS Global Relations Office (2021)
• Associate Vice-President, NUS Global Relations Office (2018-20)
• Vice-Dean (External Relations & Outreach), Faculty of Engineering (2008-2017)
• Department Deputy Head (Outreach), Dept. of Mechanical Engineering (2005-08)
• Member, Faculty Promotion and Tenure Committee (2006-08)
• Director, NUS Office of Corporate Relations (2003-05)
• Head of External Relations, NUS Office of University Relations (1999-2000)
• Assistant Dean, Faculty of Engineering (1995-96)
• Department Deputy Head (Administration), Dept. of Mechanical Engineering (1996, 97-99)