This post wraps up our coverage on the poison of disposables. The overuse of disposables has always been an issue in the world (especially Singapore) and we hope that these posts have made you guys more aware of the problems we’ve been facing as a result of the extensive use of these single-use items.

The problem of disposables is really a lot more severe than we think. Just because a country like Singapore incinerates most of its solid waste doesn’t give us a Get Out of Jail card to avoid this problem. Incineration is a convenient way to ‘get rid’ of most of our solid wastes, but there’ll still be residue ashes and toxic fumes present. These will be the pollutants that’ll harm the environment. The simplest and most convenient solution isn’t always the right solution. We have a part to play and a small effort from everyone will accumulate to a massive difference that’ll unquestionably benefit both us (we’re the ones breathing in the air here)  and the environment.