That wraps up our coverage of food wastage this week. We sincerely hope that you learnt something about food wastage and its associated pollution. This is something really applicable in Singapore, a country with most of its citizens in middle income households, meaning a majority of us can afford to splurge a bit on the food we eat. Splurging is in fact a form of luxury pollution as well because it’s wasting resources and depriving others (the less fortunate) of a necessity. Don’t forget for everything that we throw away, there’s an equivalent amount of greenhouse gas that’ll be released into the atmosphere. Sometimes we tend to think that Singapore is such a small country and so the extent that we can contribute to global warming should be negligible. WRONG! That’s an extremely complacent and irresponsible way of thinking. Every little ounce of effort counts and it’ll contribute to a higher cause. So please be mindful of your food habits, it’s really not that hard.