Blame Who? (Video)

Koy and Laine spend an afternoon at the void deck. An inconsiderate act leads to an argument over moral responsibility, and whether anyone can truly have it. Laine believes that no one is truly morally responsible as we cannot be blamed for our actions if we cannot be blamed for the factors leading to them. Determined to test the limits of Laine’s beliefs, Kaine turns to his newspapers, and the frightful articles within.


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A Day in a Life of a Self-Existent Being Self-Existent Being (Video)

“A” has always been proud of creating the world of dependent beings. Being explained by her own nature, she saw no need for another self-existent being to explain the universe she created. Little did she know that she had committed the fallacy of composition. All her beliefs about the world would unravel, when she encounters another similar being, who would lead her down a spiral of contradictions. As it turned out, these contradictions were merely a dream of a human called Sabrina, or was it?… Project Segment to be Assessed: 00:04-02:19 Video best viewed in HD 1080p


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Should I Save That Drowning Child? (Video)

Our group is delving into the topic of “Rich and Poor”. We present the scenario by telling a familiar tale of a rich economist who is caught between saving a child and saving her clothes. While trying to decide, she is visited by an angel (Peter Singer) and devil (Milton Friedman), who tell her their opinions. The exchange between the two is largely based on “The Exchange that Didn’t Happen”.


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Jack’s Dilemma (Video)

Jack and Rose are on a cruise ship for their honeymoon. It unexpectedly hit an iceberg and started sinking. Jack manages to hop onto the last lifeboat, but there is only one space left. Rose (the love of his life) and a charitable millionaire (who will potentially save the lives of thousands of starving African children) are near the lifeboat. Jack is faced with a dilemma – who should he save? He weighs out his options considering the utilitarian approach. In the end, it was too tough a decision and he decides to jump off to die with Rose.


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