Should I Save That Drowning Child? (Video)

Our group is delving into the topic of “Rich and Poor”. We present the scenario by telling a familiar tale of a rich economist who is caught between saving a child and saving her clothes. While trying to decide, she is visited by an angel (Peter Singer) and devil (Milton Friedman), who tell her their opinions. The exchange between the two is largely based on “The Exchange that Didn’t Happen”.


  • All – Idea generation
  • Petra Lim – Filty rich economist and scriptwriter
  • Nur Dinie – Devil and scriptwriter
  • Wong Zhi Ying – Angel, Video editor, Prop manager
  • Khwong Zhi Ying – Drowning child, Prop manager, Transciber (typing of subtitles)
  • Devika Bora – Director, camera woman, Video editor


  • L04 Rich and Poor Lecture Slides (pp. 29-40)
  • Singer, P. (1972). Famine, affluence, and morality. Philosophy & public affairs, 229-243.

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