Puppet Governments: Political Humor (Huemer) (Video)

It’s a PHILOSOPHY SHOWDOWN as some of our most prominent political leaders battle it out with Huemer! Will the puppet governments win? Or will humor take the stage? Watch on to find out as Huemer takes on a shiny crown, an orange cheeto, and a certain Cersei!


  • ARCHANA DHINAKAR BALA – idea generation, script, prop-making, voice-over
  • LOH JONINA – discussion, prop-making, voice-over, subtitles
  • PANG YU HUEY, ADRIENNE – discussion, prop-making, voice-over
  • TEOW JUNHAO – script, structure of storyline
  • YIP SZE KAY – idea generation, acting, video editing


  • Michael Huemer – The Problem of Political Authority

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