Josiah Schooling and the Drowning Child (Video)

Through a stop-motion video, our project aims to explain Peter Singer’s Drowning Child Argument where if one has a moral obligation to save a drowning child, one has an equal moral obligation to save a starving child. Furthermore, the video will illustrate one common objection to the drowning child argument – knowledge/distance, where the main character – Josiah Schooling, experiences an ethical dilemma of whether to donate towards helping starving children. Segment to be evaluated: 0:00 to 2:15


  • Berlinda Lim Zhi Yan – Script
  • Hafiz Bin Hanafi – Comical images/video clips
  • Nai Jun An – Script and narrator
  • De Souza Sarah Anne – Images (characters) and video editor
  • Yik Sin Kang – Images (background) and photo editor

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