One fine day at a picnic (Video)

Our project aims to visually portray Peter Singer’s drowning child argument. By creating a scenario where three friends at a picnic know that there is a drowning person right before their eyes, but simply do not reach out to help him, we liken such an absurd behaviour to people who do not donate to charities to help the starving children. This advertisement video thus makes clear of Peter Singer’s argument that if one has the moral duty to save the drowning person, one certainly has equal moral duty to donate to the starving children.


  • Fabian Tan Joo How: Filming and editing of video, idea generation
  • Gao Zhenyu: Actor in video (The drowning person), idea generation
  • Benjamin Wan Xiang Xin: Actor in video (picnic friend)
  • Natasha Ureyang: Actor in video (picnic friend), idea generation
  • Ho Yong Huei: Actor in video (picnic friend), idea generation


  • Peter Singer – The drowning child argument

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