Grand Opening!! Try our 3-course meal of factory-farmed meat and our secret recipe dessert! (Poster)

We present the for and against arguments with regards to the consumption of factory-farmed meat through the review of a newly-opened restaurant. The various arguments, presented in the style of a forum, provide the audience with multiple perspectives and factors of consideration to allow them to make an informed decision before deciding whether to patronise this restaurant.


  • Aretha – Designer
  • Adlyn – Designer
  • Pi Peng – Researcher
  • James – Researcher
  • Cheryl Ying – Editor
  • Cheryl Lau – Editor


  • Reading: Alastair Norcross: Puppies, Pigs, and People: Eating Meat and Marginal Cases
  • Alastair Norcross
  • Loren Lomasky

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