Ah beng’s political protest (Video)

Why do we allow governments to do things that we don’t usually allow individuals to do? Why do we allow them to collect taxes, send us to the army for 2 years, and restrict the teeny weeny bits of our lifestyles, such as whether or not we sell chewing gum? The following is a political protest by Ah Beng, a disenchanted citizen, who invites all of you to sing along to the familiar tune of ‘Home’.


  • Ang Zi Qi – Cast, singer and visual adviser
  • Lee Jo-Lea – Idea generation for lyrics and storyboard
  • Liu Xiaonan – Cast, singer and sound adviser
  • Lindford Low Kai Jie – Cast and singer
  • Yeo Hao Kuan – Cast and singer


  • The song ‘Home’ was composed by Dick Lee and sung by Kit Chan.
  • The instrumental piano cover used was performed by Javin piano whose video can be found here.
  • Special thanks to Feng Wen whose help in filming and editing was indispensable. Thank
  • you to Richard, who lent us his camera and the YG office, who lent us the nerf guns and buffs.

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