Drowning In Responsibilities… Or Not? (Video)

In our video, we explore the notion of Moral Responsibility through Singer’s Drowning Child Argument and Strawson’s Regress Argument. Khairin is caught in a moral dilemma – should he go for a once-in-a-lifetime interview with Prof Loy, or save Wilson (ball)? Angel Singer and Devil Strawson attempt to persuade him – what is his final decision?


  • Cao Yexin – Idea generation, actress, script-writer
  • Deborah Chiang Siew Fen – Idea generation, actress, scriptwriter
  • Muhammad Khairin B Ilias – Idea generation, actor, scriptwriter
  • Nur Azrin Tan Bte Hasan Tan – Idea generation, actress, scriptwriter
  • Rachel Ng Ruiya – Director, post-production, filmmaker, idea generation

Acknowledgements and References

  • Rachel’s puns (Wilson Ball and Hot Potato)
  • Rachel’s cat, Thunder, who sat on her homework
  • Video of Big Bang (link)
  • ESV dramatized audio Bible, Genesis 1:1 (link)
  • UTown swimming pool
  • Khairin’s volleyball
  • Wallpaper of Prof Loy
  • Images of dinosaurs and the Ice Age (link, link)

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