Movie trailer review of ‘The Utilitarian’ by YouTuber PhiloGeeks (Video)

Our group adopted a “movie trailer review” concept consisting of two segments aimed at entertaining and educating layman audience about moral philosophy (specifically Utilitarianism). The first segment presents the concepts of Utilitarianism through a movie trailer. The second segment (review by YouTuber) explains the Utilitarian values behind the protagonist’s decisions.


  • Darryl Wong Wai Bin – Actor (Falling Man/Murderer & PhiloGeek), Narrator
  • Jasmine Leong Jia Min – Scriptwriter, Subtitler
  • Khoo Chew Yen – Actress (Interviewer & Victim of murder), Scriptwriter
  • Reiner Ng Wei Jie – Cameraman, Video Editor
  • Tan Hui Min – Actress (Protagonist), Scriptwriter

The idea and content of the project were collectively brainstormed and discussed by the group.

Acknowledgements and references:

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