Pet Lover’s Encounter (Comics)


The scope of our project was to translate the central ideas of Week 4’s topic into a comic strip. With this aim, the group members created a comic strip that takes place in a Chinese food stall. We hope to provide some knowledge illustrating Norcross perspective in an entertaining manner.


  • Eugene Fang Ding Fong, Jeremy Lee Weng Fatt, Sofia Castro Santos Appendino, Tan Wei Qi Waverly, Ang Cheryl (each member of the team contributed to the storyline making and creation of the comic strip).


  • Points were used from the article “Puppies, Pigs, and People: Eating Meat and Marginal Cases” by Alastair Norcross, as well as the tutorial handout. The online comic creator Pixton was used in the making of this comic strip.

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