Talk: The Precautionary Approach and the Role of Scientists in Environmental Decision-Making, by Jan Sprenger (18 Jan 2011)

Philosophy Seminar Series: 18 January 2011, 2-3:45pm, Philosophy Resource Room; Speaker: Jan Sprenger, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Tilburg University; Moderator: Dr. Tang Weng Hong

Abstract: The role of scientists in environmental decision-making has recently been the subject of vivid discussion. It might be surmised that scientists have played their part in advising policy-makers as soon as they have assessed the amount of uncertainty, or established a particular hypothesis. Against this view, I argue that also in the genuine decision-makers process, scientists need to be included: environmental decision-making often has to follow a precautionary approach, and the exact decision-theoretic implications thereof are highly sensitive to the specific epistemic context we are in. Calibrating a decision rule with scope and nature of uncertainty in a decision problem is not possible without scientific understanding of the underlying environmental system. Therefore, scientists cannot and should not be restricted to purely epistemic tasks in environmental decision-making.

Please find two recent papers here and here.

IMG_1124About the speaker: Jan Sprenger ( an is Assistant Professor of Philosophy in the Department of Philosophy at Tilburg University and Resident Fellow at the Tilburg Center for Logic and Philosophy of Science (TiLPS). After completing a mathematics degree, he gained a Ph.D. in philosophy in 2008 at the University of Bonn, Germany. Jan works mostly in philosophy of science, in particular the foundations of statistical inference, formal epistemology and decision theory.
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