Philippe MAJOR

M.A. National Taiwan University Email:; Degree: PhD

photoPhilippe holds a Master’s degree in History from National Taiwan University. His Master’s thesis consisted of a study of the consciousness of time of New Culture Movement (1915-1927) intellectuals such as Liang Shuming and Chen Duxiu, as well as the redefinition of modernity which was inherent in their views of time. His PhD dissertation will focus on how modern Confucian thinkers, whom inherited a tradition rooted in the idea that individual development is informed by, and achieved through, a given socio-historical context, reacted to a modern definition of the self which is to a great extent atomistic, being alienated from both community and tradition.


M.A. University of Barcelona, M.A. University of Parma Email:; Degree: PhD

IMG_0878Elena is a PhD student in the Join Program between  NUS and King’s College London. Elena holds an M.A. in Analytic Philosophy from University of Barcelona UB (Spain) and an M.A. in Philosophy from University of Parma (Italy). As an undergraduate, she studied philosophy at the University of Parma and was a visiting student at the Radboud University in Nijmegen (Netherlands). Elena’s main area of research are Ethics and Political Philosophy. She also have a special interest in Relativism.

So Young MOON

M.A. SungKyunkwan UniversityEmail:; Degree: PhD so youngAbout Herself: So Young holds an MA from Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea. Her study is mainly in early Confucian philosophy and she wrote my MA thesis on Confucius’ renxue in the Analects. Her current research interests in NUS are early Chinese philosophy, including Confucianism, Daoism, and thoughts of the other schools in the pre-Qin period. Also, she is interested in Comparative Philosophy and Ethics.


M.A. Kent State UniversityEmail:; Degree: PhD

maryrileyI hold an MA from Kent State University, where my thesis focused on resonating themes in the Confucian and George Herbert Mead’s concepts of self. I hope to continue research in comparative philosophy looking at the intertwining nature of community and individual in different philosophical contexts. Additionally, I am interested in the methodology of comparative philosophy and the problems associated with distinguishing between eastern and western thought. More broadly, my interests include early Confucian thought, American Pragmatism, Twentieth Century Continental philosophy, and Plato.

Mitradutta MOHAPATRA

M.A. University of MumbaiEmail:; Degree: PhD

mitraMitradutta Mohapatra holds an MA from University of Mumbai and he is exposed to both Indian and Western philosophical traditions. He is keen to look at various aspects of moral philosophy and more particularly, his interest lies in ‘applied ethics’. His current research interest at NUS is to have a closer look at the evolution of compliance governance in the contemporary business world and examine its compatibility with the ethical theories and the traditional tenets of human morality.


M.A. Jilin University, China;  Email:; Degree: PhD

zhangmZhang Ming is currently a PhD student in the department of philosophy, with a M.A. of philosophy from Jilin University, China. He has passed his QE and now is on the stage of thesis writing. His research interest is in contemporary political philosophy, especially the topic of distributive justice. The topic of his thesis is “Luck, Responsibility, and Distributive Justice” through which he attempts to defend a resourcist version of luck egalitarianism.

TSAI Miao Kun

M.A. National Taiwan UniversityEmail:; Degree: PhD

The topic of Miao Kun’s MA thesis was on qing 情 in the Chuang-tzu. Since joining NUS, she has broadened her academic interest to include Continental philosophy and contemporary hermeneutics. At this moment she is endeavoring to work out a proposal for her doctoral thesis, which aims to contribute to comparative ethics through investigating the place of ethics and agency in pre-Qin Daoist thought, particularly the thought of Lao-zi and Chuang-tzu.  She has the faith that in while in academic life, we reflect, in everydayness, we embrace our own worldhood through wandering at ease.

Wong Soo Lam

Wong Soo Lam (M.A. NUS); Email:; Degree: PhD

Soo LamAbout Himself: My previous research interest examines the concepts of material constitution, emergence, and their bearings on the problem of consciousness and the problem of mental causation. And my current research interest examines the concepts of causality, determinism, indeterminism and their implications for choice, action, and moral responsibility.

Areas of interest: Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Action, Philosophy of Religion, Ethics, Buddhist Philosophy