Philippe MAJOR

M.A. National Taiwan University Email:; Degree: PhD

photoPhilippe holds a Master’s degree in History from National Taiwan University. His Master’s thesis consisted of a study of the consciousness of time of New Culture Movement (1915-1927) intellectuals such as Liang Shuming and Chen Duxiu, as well as the redefinition of modernity which was inherent in their views of time. His PhD dissertation will focus on how modern Confucian thinkers, whom inherited a tradition rooted in the idea that individual development is informed by, and achieved through, a given socio-historical context, reacted to a modern definition of the self which is to a great extent atomistic, being alienated from both community and tradition.


Email:; Degree: MA

2013-10-13 16.42.07 - 复制She is interested in topics in Anglo-American philosophy, including Philosophy of mind, metaphysics, and metaethics. She has been mainly working on contemporary moral philosophy. Her bachelor’s thesis sought to explain normativity of obligation from Darwall’s second-person standpoint. She has worked on moral dilemmas, distinguishing moral dilemmas we are faced with in our moral life and genuine moral dilemmas, and tries to solve the problem of incompatibility of moral dilemma and deontic logical principles. Currently she is writing on supererogation. She denies anti-supererogationism, arguing against the position that “all morally good action is obligatory”. However, she does not stand totally in either side of qualified supererogationism and unqualified supererogationism, but tries to state that items of obligation and supererogation are not unchangeable.

LI Qingyi

B.Soc.Sci Hons, NUSEmail:; Degree: MA

1524874_10152167642118854_1419935554_nQingyi is working towards his M.A. in Philosophy and his area of interest is in political philosophy. His dissertation project examines the moral foundations of political philosophy, more specifically liberal neutrality. Other topics of interest in political philosophy include: liberal theory, methodological concerns in political philosophy, distributive justice and global justice. His interests also extend to moral philosophy.

CAI Xianhui Nicholas

B.A. Hons, NUSEmail:; Degree: MA

nicNick’s primary areas of research are in the areas of Political Philosophy and the history of Political Philosophy. His honors thesis was a Rawlsian defense of Liberal Neutrality, focusing on the notion of Public Reason. His other research interests include Moral philosophy, German Idealism and Ancient Greek Philosophy, especially the connection between Politics, Religion, and Philosophy.


M.A. University of Barcelona, M.A. University of Parma Email:; Degree: PhD

IMG_0878Elena is a PhD student in the Join Program between  NUS and King’s College London. Elena holds an M.A. in Analytic Philosophy from University of Barcelona UB (Spain) and an M.A. in Philosophy from University of Parma (Italy). As an undergraduate, she studied philosophy at the University of Parma and was a visiting student at the Radboud University in Nijmegen (Netherlands). Elena’s main area of research are Ethics and Political Philosophy. She also have a special interest in Relativism.

GOH Wee Kian Gary

B.A. Hons, NUS; Email:; Degree: MA

garyGary’s background is in European history, politics and philosophy, but he is interested in Chinese and/or Buddhist philosophy. He is thus hoping to marry the two in ethical inquiry. Specifically, he is in it in the long haul to provide an account of a way of living that is ethical and prudent but does not assume much about normativity or objective values.

CHONG Bao Shen Kenneth

B.A. Hons, NUSEmail:; Degree: MA

kennethAbout Himself: Kenneth is currently pursuing his MA at NUS, where he is receiving some pressure to be a dualist under the supervision of his supervisor. In his free time, Kenneth enjoys playing all sorts of games, which might help explain his interest in Philosophy. He also enjoys writing plays and listening to music.

So Young MOON

M.A. SungKyunkwan UniversityEmail:; Degree: PhD so youngAbout Herself: So Young holds an MA from Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea. Her study is mainly in early Confucian philosophy and she wrote my MA thesis on Confucius’ renxue in the Analects. Her current research interests in NUS are early Chinese philosophy, including Confucianism, Daoism, and thoughts of the other schools in the pre-Qin period. Also, she is interested in Comparative Philosophy and Ethics.


M.A. Kent State UniversityEmail:; Degree: PhD

maryrileyI hold an MA from Kent State University, where my thesis focused on resonating themes in the Confucian and George Herbert Mead’s concepts of self. I hope to continue research in comparative philosophy looking at the intertwining nature of community and individual in different philosophical contexts. Additionally, I am interested in the methodology of comparative philosophy and the problems associated with distinguishing between eastern and western thought. More broadly, my interests include early Confucian thought, American Pragmatism, Twentieth Century Continental philosophy, and Plato.