Talk 1: Confronting Berkeley’s Metaphysical Picture with the Problem of Evil (7 April 2011)

Philosophy Seminar Series: 7 April 2011, 3 – 4.30pm, Philosophy Resource Room; Speaker: Charlene K.L. Koh, Current MA Student, NUS; Moderator: Ms Fong Wai Mung


George Berkeley’s metaphysics casts aside mechanistic and material causes in favour of a God who is causally responsible for the coordination of every single sensory idea that one may have. I shall argue that God’s bringing into actuality of both morally evil acts and natural evils, by the coordinating and sustaining of ideas that essentially constitute the relevant evil acts is incompatible with His divine attribute of omnibenevolence. Fundamentally, I put forth that Berkeley’s world view is simply incoherent when one examines how acts of evil come to be in it.

CharleneAbout the Speaker: Charlene is currently pursuing a Masters degree in NUS. Her areas of interest include the philosophy of religion.

More information on the Graduate Seminar Series can be found here.

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