Talk: On the Social Dimensions of Moral Psychology, by John Greenwood (11 Jan 2011)

Philosophy Seminar Series: 11 January 2011, 2-3:45pm, Philosophy Resource Room; Speaker: John D. Greenwood, Professor of Philosophy, City University of New York; Moderator: Dr. Tang Weng Hong

Abstract: Contemporary moral psychology has been enormously enriched by recent theoretical developments and empirical findings in evolutionary biology, cognitive psychology and neuroscience, and social psychology and psychopathology. Yet despite the fact that some theorists have developed specifically ‘social heuristic’ (Gigerenzer, 2005) and ‘social intuitionist’ (Haidt, 2001) accounts of moral judgment and behavior, and despite regular appeals to the findings of experimental social psychology, contemporary moral psychology has largely neglected the social dimensions of moral judgment and behavior. I provide a brief sketch of these dimensions, and consider the implications for contemporary theory and research in moral psychology.

greenwoodAbout the speaker: John Greenwood is Professor of Philosophy at City University of New York.

More information on the Philosophy Seminar Series can be found here. A list of past talks in the series can be found here.

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