Talk 1: “Violating the Inviolable Conscience?”, by Koh Kia Ling, Charlene (28th October 2010, 2-3pm)

Philosophy Seminar Series: 28 October 2010, 2-3pm, AS3-05-23;
Speaker: Koh Kia Ling, Charlene, Current MA Student, NUS;
Moderator: Dr. Christopher Brown

CharleneAbstract: In “The Liberal Archipelago: A Theory of Diversity and Freedom”, Chandran Kukathas addresses the problem of multiculturalism by focusing on the question of what is to be done if not everyone agrees with a theory of justice. His resultant conception of the good society is one that respects liberty of conscience because living according to the dictates of one’s conscience is of common interest to all persons. I attempt to put forth a criticism of this interest-based account by examining the difficulty of excluding conscience-driven claims.

About the Speaker: Charlene is currently pursuing a Masters degree in NUS. Her areas of interest include the philosophy of religion.

More information on the Graduate Seminar Series can be found here.

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