Talk: Intentionality with an Eye on Graded Beliefs, by Tang Weng Hong (28 September 2010)

Philosophy Seminar Series: 28September 2010, 2-3:45pm, Philosophy Resource Room; Speaker: Tang Weng Hong, Teaching Assistant, National University of Singapore; Moderator: Dr. Ben Blumson

Abstract: Philosophers recognise that taking graded belief to be more fundamental than binary belief has interesting implications for epistemology. In this talk, I shall argue that there are also implications for the philosophy of intentionality. Causal and teleological theories of intentionality tend to focus on providing a naturalised account of the intentionality of binary beliefs. But if graded belief is more fundamental than binary belief, it seems that they should focus on the former instead. I shall argue, however, that some of these theories falter if graded belief is indeed fundamental.

Weng HongAbout the Speaker: Weng Hong spent about five and a half years studying philosophy at NUS. He then obtained his PhD at the Australian National University, and is now back at NUS as a teaching assistant. He’s interested in various issues in epistemology, the philosophy of probability, and the philosophy of mind

More information on the Philosophy Seminar Series can be found here. A list of past talks in the series can be found here.

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