New Ways of Analyzing Variation – Asia Pacific is a sister conference of New Ways of Analyzing Variation, a long-standing conference held annually in North America. Like the North American NWAV, NWAV-AP showcases innovative and socially-informed research by emerging and established scholars working in the quantitative variationist tradition. NWAV-AP┬áhighlights and re-acknowledges the long and rich history of research on language variation and change in the Asia-Pacific region, which has often been overlooked in the field of sociolinguistics.

The first NWAV-AP conference was held in 2011, at the University of Delhi (India). Subsequent NWAV-AP meetings have been held at the National Institution for Japanese Language and Linguistics (Japan), Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand), National Chung Cheng University (Taiwan), and the University of Queensland (Australia).


NWAV-AP steering committee

Shobha Satyanath, University of Delhi, India

James N. Stanford, Dartmouth College, USA

Victoria Rau, National Chung Cheng University, Chiayi, Taiwan

Miriam Meyerhoff, University of Auckland/Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Yoshiyuki Asahi, National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics, Japan


NWAV-AP 6 organizing committee

Co-chair: Mie Hiramoto, National University of Singapore

Co-chair: Rebecca Starr, National University of Singapore

Assistant coordinator: Charlene Tan, National University of Singapore

You may contact the organizing committee at